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Me, Myself and I

Hello Lovely! I am so happy you found your way to my little corner of the internet. I hope your wrapped in a cozy blanket snuggling with your loved ones. My name is Brittany Handwork, I’m a free spirited boho girl, born and raised in northern California. My hair is wild and my soul is chaotic. You can always find me dancing, telling stories and laughing. I will almost always be doing it barefoot. My feet are calloused with marks of the earth and stained with the sea. It’s easier to feel the world that way. We all have that one thing that makes us feel alive. For me, its witnessing all those everyday candid moments that I can tell a story with through my lens. Quiet things, authentic people and raw moments are what my heart swoons to capture. Those little moments, they aren’t little to me.



I’m married to the most wonderful, warrior of a man. We met in high school while I was studying for a nursing internship. He came in for a checkup. I called his name and as he inched closer and closer I read his freckles like a roadmap to his laugh lines. The curve of his smile swept me up to his eyes. They were the same color as the ocean on a stormy day, green with tinges of blue, grey and silver. Both our worlds turned upside down that day. He asked me to prom and he’s been sharing his pillow and warming my cold feet ever since. On Turkey Day 2015 we welcomed our first little mermaid, Holland Ivory Handwork. Her eyes are like pools of rainbows and when I look at her I see sunshine. She is my muse and the reason I perused this passion of mine. We have one fur pup, Ryder. A fluff ball of a husky who loves nothing more than to chew up only my super expensive shoes and make the house looked like it snowed the night before with all his shedding, but life isn’t life without him. Our tribe is currently causing mayhem and foolishness on the Island of Oahu.



I love nothing more than the feel of the earth in-between my toes, touch of the waves, to sit on the beach and breathe in the sky. The outdoors makes my heart ache in the best way. That is why I love so much to shoot outdoors in natural light. God has provided us with an endless canvas of beautiful sceneries, let’s go out and enjoy them together. I love to show all the beauty that can be found in the ordinary. Send me an email, write me on Facebook, write me a letter and we can be pen pals, I hope to be able to capture you and your loved ones.


Sending good vibes your way

Brittany Handwork